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Dog swallows man's ear

Monday 10th December 2001

A Swedish vet has failed in a bid to recover a man's ear from a dog's stomach.

Doctors had hoped to sew the organ back on after the mongrel bit it off.

The ear, however, was too badly damaged by the dog's stomach acids by the time the vet recovered it.

The Stockholm man will now be given an artificial ear and is expected to fully regain his hearing. The dog is also said to be doing well and will not be destroyed as it is not considered dangerous by the police.

The man said he normally got on well with the eight-year-old mongrel, which belongs to his neighbour, but it snapped at him after he accidentally scared it.

The plastic surgeon, Torbjorn Soderstrom, told Swedish newspaper GT: "The dog latched onto his ear before completely pulling it off and swallowing it."

A local vet surgically removed the ear after trying and failing to get the dog to vomit it up.

Mr Soderstrom said: "Unfortunately, the ear had been in the dog's stomach for too long and had been badly damaged by stomach acids.

"The vet told me that the dog had not eaten for a while because its stomach was totally empty and so the ear took the full brunt of the acids."

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