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Tourist attacking bear hunted in Slovakia

Story filed: 13:37 Tuesday 9th July 2002

Rangers have issued a death sentence on a bear attacking tourists in a Slovakian national park.

They say the brown bear must be shot on sight following its latest attack on a teenage couple picnicking in the Low Tatras.

A girl suffered a serious leg wound and the boy a cut hand when the bear rushed them after they stopped to eat on a mountain trail.

It is believed the bear, thought to be about three-years-old, has tried to attack a number of tourists in recent weeks near the village of Trangoska.

Park rangers have renewed their efforts in hunting the animal, which often comes in search of food to the village's hotel.

A park warden said of the latest attack: "The bear was aggressive and came up to where they were eating. The young girl was attacked and her leg badly injured and the boy's hand cut open. They were both in shock and bleeding heavily."

The warden said the teenagers were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

A worker at the hotel said: "The problem is that the bear grew up around our waste containers and is always on the hunt for food."

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