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Bull breaks free at fair, hurts 2

WINDSOR — Spooked by children, an 1,100-pound bull "sort of flipped," broke free from a loading trailer Tuesday and charged through the midway at the Windsor Fair.

It took at least six people to finally wrestle the animal to the ground, according to Windsor Fair Police Chief Todd Brackett. No one was seriously injured.

"The farmers brought him into the show and were spooked when some children ran up to the bull as it was being unloaded," Brackett said. "He broke free and headed up the midway."

About 6:30 p.m. the bull was being unloaded near the new show ring, built this summer diagonally across from the administration building. The animal ran in an easterly direction toward Route 32 and when it reached the pavement, ran down the concessions aisle.

The animal ran past the center gate where exhibitors were showing lawn mowers and all-terrain vehicles, and concession stands, bumper cars and other rides were sited. It was captured near the exhibition hall located near the race track.

Brackett said a few people were knocked down, but no one was seriously hurt.

"When it came off the trailer, there were two officers standing about 75 feet away," Brackett said. "They were there to radio to other police."

Three officers, two staff members, the owner of the bull and several other people contained the animal, Brackett said.

Owner Kevin Woolam of Richmond thanked police Tuesday for their "honest efforts" and said he felt blessed that no one was injured seriously.

"A couple guys who didn't know what they were doing got their clocks cleaned," he said.

George Hutchins, who retired a couple years ago as police chief in Damariscotta was taken to a nearby hospital after being treated and released for a knee injury.

"George did a great job," Brackett said. "He put himself between the bull and the crowd and the bull chose him."

A halter was attached, but was pulled off when somebody grabbed it on the side of the animal's head. It also had a temporary nose lead.

Woolam, owner of Four Corners Farm in Richmond, said that while unloading the year old bull, it "totally flipped out when he saw everything at the fair."

"I guess he is not a big fan of the fair," he said.

Woolam said he had been showing animals for 28 years and Tuesday was the first time one had gotten loose. He said the Windsor and Fryeburg fairs are sort of a warmup for the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Mass.

"It usually happens to someone every year, but this is my first one," he said. "I've already gotten a ribbing from the rest of the exhibitors."

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