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Bangladesh charmer catches 3,500 cobras

Tue Apr 30,12:24 AM ET

DHAKA (Reuters) - A Bangladeshi snake charmer called in to find two serpents in a suburban home near the capital unearthed over 3,000 deadly cobras and hundreds of eggs.

Police and local newspapers said snake charmer Dudu Miah captured over 3,500 young cobras at two houses in Narayanganj near Dhaka.

The find, however, triggered panic among neighbours who fled their homes, police said.

Newspapers said Miah was called in by Mantu Kasai after his wife found two large cobras on their property on Sunday.

Helped by his assistants, Miah dug beneath the floors of two houses and unearthed the slithering stockpile.

Miah said he would look for more cobras elsewhere in the neighbourhood, but was undecided about what to do with his catch.

Cobras, which are highly venomous and endemic to Bangladesh, often nest in houses -- frequently ridding them of rats and other domestic pests.

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