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from the Traverse City Record Eagle (Michigan)


A Cougar Might Be Responsible For Animal Attacks

Kalkaska County

September 23, 2002

SOUTH BOARDMAN - The Michigan Department of Natural Resources believes that an animal responsible for a number of recent attacks on horses and other livestock in Kalkaska County may be a cougar. According to DNR wildlife biologist Tim Webb, the Cadillac DNR office first received complaints about the animal being in the area in late August. At first, it was thought that it might be the work of a bear or a large bobcat. Chickens and ducks have also been disappearing from nearby residences of the southern Kalkaska County area, Webb said. Depredation permits to destroy the animal if it attacks any more livestock have been issued to homeowners in the area, Webb said. The Michigan Wildlife Habitat Foundation also reported reputed sightings of cougars in the nearby areas of Fife Lake and Mesick in Wexford and Grand Traverse counties in 2000. Webb tends to believe that if the animal attacks in South Boardman are the work of a cougar, it is more than likely an animal kept in captivity that escaped or was released.


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