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Special Report from AAF Correspondent: J. David Varty
from The Sacramento Bee


Felony charges filed in dog's attack on Pollock Pines boy

(Published May 3, 2002)

PLACERVILLE, Calif. (AP) - The owners of a 100-pound pit bull that mauled an 11-year-old Pollock Pines boy last month were charged Friday with failing to control a mischievous animal, a felony.

El Dorado County District Attorney Gary Lacy said in a statement his investigators determined the dog had been "terrorizing" residents in a Pollock Pines neighborhood for several months before the April 20 attack on Brian Keates.

Residents had made numerous calls to El Dorado County Animal Control before the incident, he said.

Investigators interviewed more than 25 people before Lacy decided to file the single felony counts against owners Jillian Michelle Figueroa and John James Rogers III.

The boy had gone to their home next door to his own to ask if Figueroa, a veterinary technician, could check on his sick dog. Police said the couple's dog knocked him down and bit him repeatedly until his mother pulled him away.

He was treated at Marshall Hospital in Placerville for numerous bites from his legs to his scalp.

The pit bull was shot and killed by an El Dorado County sheriff's deputy after growling at officers.

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