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from Independent Online, South Africa


Mozambican trampled to death by elephants

January 24 2002 at 03:19PM

A 28-year-old illegal immigrant from Mozambique was killed in an encounter with five elephants near Giyani outside the Kruger National Park on Wednesday, police said.

Inspector Moatshe Ngoepe said three illegal immigrants from Mozambique had entered South Africa though the Kruger National Park. After making it though the park, they decided to sleep near Giyani.

On awaking, the men were confronted by five elephants, and fled in different directions. According to Ngoepe, the elephants pursued one of the men, Fernado Shishongi, and trampled him to death. The other two men alerted local residents who contacted the police.

Ngoepe said rangers from the department of environmental affairs went on a search and found the mutilated body of Shishongi. Ngoepe said the rangers were searching for the five elephants.

William Mabasa of the Kruger National Park could not confirm whether the elephants were from the park itself.

Ngoepe said the two illegal immigrants were in police custody and were being questioned. Police would liaise with the department of home affairs on deporting them. - Sapa

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