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Woman attacked by three pit bulls

Wednesday 2nd January 2002

A New Zealand woman has suffered horrific injuries after being attacked by three pit bull terriers.

The 18-year-old was mauled in the street in Patea, Taranaki.

A police spokesman said the dogs jumped over a fence and crossed the road to attack the woman, who suffered serious bites to her lower body.

Constable Dennis Buijtendijk told the Stuff website: "One approached her and started barking, then they attacked. She sustained horrific lacerations and bites to her legs, arms and buttocks."

One 45-year-old man who stopped to help was also bitten. Two other people also stopped to help.

"Their assistance was very much appreciated. Who knows what would have happened if those people were not there to help?" Mr Buijtendijk said.

The woman was treated at the scene by ambulance staff then flown to Taranaki Base Hospital by rescue helicopter. She has undergone surgery for her injuries.

Two of the dogs were destroyed but one could not be found. The owners are likely to be prosecuted, Mr Buijtendijk said.

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