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from Rocky Mountain News


Killer snake gets lethal injection

February 20, 2002

By News Staff

AURORA -- Monty, the pet Burmese python who strangled her owner earlier this month, was euthanized Tuesday.

"It's been a difficult decision," said Nancy Sheffield, director of the city's Neighborhood Services department.

"We weighed all the options, and we determined that, based on the legal concern that this case would set for other cases, we would euthanize."

The 10-foot, 80-pound female snake was killed by lethal injection and cremated.

Rick Barber, 43, died of asphyxiation at the Medical Center of Aurora. Barber was in his home in the 1300 block of South Biscay Street, when the snake wrapped itself around Barber's neck.

Barber's family members said they were hoping Monty could be given to a friend.

But Sheffield said that was never an option since Monty was considered a wild animal.

February 20, 2002

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