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from The Palm Beach Post


3 women attacked by 3 dogs in 3 days

By ANTIGONE BARTON, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Three women in three days were attacked by dogs in unrelated incidents, sustaining injuries serious enough to send them to area hospitals, according to law enforcement agencies.

The dogs involved in the attacks that took place between Saturday and Monday are quarantined in the custody of Palm Beach County Division of Animal Care and Control while officers investigate the incidents, said division director Diane Sauve. She declined to release further information until the investigations are complete.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said deputies responded to two dog attacks that left victims bleeding on Saturday, in Jupiter and in Cloud Lake. Information on the women's conditions was not available Tuesday.

On Monday morning, a Florida Public Utilities meter reader was attacked by two pit bulls after she walked into a Lake Worth back yard to read a gas meter. Joyce Briggs was taken to JFK Medical Center bleeding heavily from gashes on her face and she was missing a bottom tooth, a police report says. Animal control officers removed five pit bulls from the home, at 1723 N. 9th Ave. Owner Jose Francisco Martinez told police the dogs had been locked in cages in the back yard. Briggs was released from the hospital Tuesday, a hospital spokeswoman said.

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