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Thirsty baboons attack villagers
By Ali Abdi

A violent struggle over scarce water resulting from the current drought has erupted between thirsty baboons and residents of Isiolo District.

A young girl was left bleeding profusely after she was attacked by thirsty baboons at Sericho Division last Friday.

Aisha Wako, 12, was in company of three other girls who had earlier walked for 12 km to draw water from a borehole.

The girls were attacked by more than 30 baboons while walking back to their village at Badana.

The apparently thirsty baboons wrestled containers from the girls and drunk the water after chasing them away.

Aisha was injured in the left eye while her friends sustained minor bruises.

Isiolo County Council Chairman, Mr Ebrahim Halake Fayo said wild animals have moved near water points used by residents in Sericho due to the acute drought.

He said the unusual presence of lions, hyenas and elephants near the few functioning boreholes in the dry division have made it difficult for the residents to draw water for themselves and their livestock.

Fayo said wild animals who traditionally roam around the lower Ewasonyiro have now moved away to residential areas in search of water.

He said the residents are experiencing acute water shortage following the breakdown of four major boreholes.

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