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Bull runs amok in antiques store


An escaped bull was put down after it ran amok, not in a china shop, but in an antiques store.

The dangerous bull injured a woman and destroyed a number of valuable antiques at G and B Antiques and Furnishings in Wyresdale Road, Lancaster, Lancashire.

A police spokesman said the animal had escaped from a local auction mart and made its way to the antiques store.

It had knocked over a woman who was taken to hospital suffering from bruising to her shoulder. She was discharged after treatment, said the spokesman.

The spokesman said officers were called to the incident at 10.50am on Monday and found the injured woman. The bull had been locked inside one of the showrooms.

"It was decided the bull did pose a risk to public safety and it was unwise for attempts to be made to capture the animal," he said.

"A decision was made that the bull should be destroyed."

The spokesman said firearms officers were called and the area cordoned off. The bull was killed at about 1.35pm.

The spokesman added: "While in the showroom the animal caused extensive damage to a number of antiques."

He said many members of the public had taken items to the showroom and many of their pieces had been destroyed by the animal.

2003 Associated New Media

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