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from AAF Correspondent: "Kinsaidan"
Source:, Spokane, WA
Another source: Casper Star Tribune


Spokane Teen Killed After Crocodile Attack In Africa

August 5, 2003

Mano Pools National Park, Zimbabwe, Africa

Seventeen-year-old Katy Reeves had a bright future and a passion for dancing, but her dreams and her life were cut short during a vacation in Zimbabwe.

Unconfirmed reports from a tour guide suggest Reeves was canoeing when the crocodile attacked.

After learning of her death Tuesday morning, Reeves' friends and family in Spokane are starved for information.

In fact no one in Spokane is sure exactly when the crocodile attack took place.

Word spread of the attack after St. David's Episcopal Church emailed parishioners, asking them to hold the Reeves' family in their prayers.

Reeves taught tap and jazz as an instructor at Dance Emporium in north Spokane.

Her best friend, Katie Wyscham, says Reeves dreamed of studying dance in New York or Las Vegas.

"Her attitude and her ability to make people smile and make people laugh just was completely contagious. Yeah, she made a lot of people very, very happy," said Katie Wyscham, Reeves' best friend.

The principal of St. George's High School, where Katy went to school, says the school will honor her closer to the school's August 27th start date.

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