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Special Report filed by AAF Correspondent: E. T.

from BBC News


Man 'killed by own dog'

A man whose body was found in his flat in south-west London had been attacked by his own dog, police have confirmed.


Stafforshire bull terrier
The Staffordhsire bull terrier is a popular breed

George Dinham, 45, was found dead on the floor of his flat in Wandle Way in Wandsworth on Friday.

His brother discovered his body, which was covered in blood, when he returned from a night out.

At first Scotland Yard's Serious Crime Directorate was called in to investigate whether Mr Dinham had been murdered.

But now it is believed he was attacked by his four-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier while he was alone in the flat.

The Kennel Club said it was "quite out of character for a Stafford".

Police said Mr Dinham may have had an epileptic fit which caused the dog to attack him but it was still unclear if this was the case.

Neighbours of the dead man said he and his bull terrier were inseperable and they could not believe how the companionship could end in tragedy.

Kennel Club spokesman Phil Buckley said: "The Stafford is the fifth most popular breed in the UK, we reckon there are about a quarter of a million.

"They are referred to as the 'nanny dog' because they are regarded as being so good with children and animals."

"It is very strange for a dog to kill its owner, especially at four years of age, because you would hope they would have bonded."

A post-mortem examination has confirmed Mr Dinham's injuries were caused by dog bites.

It is thought the dog has been put in kennels while police decide whether it should be put down.

An inquest has been opened and adjourned.

Published: 2003/05/16 09:13:43 GMT


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