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Pig jealous of owner's boyfriend

Story filed: 11:43 Thursday 26th June 2003

A Norwegian woman has unsuccessfully tried counselling for her pet pig which is jealous of her boyfriend.

Synne Larsen's pet pig Tirill has attacked Kjetil Gudem so often he wears a thick ground sheet around his legs to protect them.

The attacks began two years ago when Gudem moved in with Larsen. "Tirill just goes into attack mode. Often she is standing, waiting when I come out of the toilet," Gudem told the Dagbladet newspaper.

Larsen doesn't want to part with either Tirill or Kjetil.

"Two dog trainers have been here and given us advice, but I don't think it helped at all," Larsen said.

Various attempts at disciplining the pig have also failed to curb her temper. Now the couple are expanding their house in the hope more room will ease tensions.

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