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Officials: 4 Pit Bulls Should Be Destroyed

Dogs Tore Off Woman's Ear, Part Of Scalp

POSTED: 6:36 a.m. EDT June 17, 2003
UPDATED: 7:22 p.m. EDT June 17, 2003

Four pit bulls that attacked a 52-year-old Florida Power & Light meter reader and tore her ear and scalp off should be destroyed because of the attack, according to Brevard County Animal Services and Enforcement officials.

FPL worker Carol Dennison was attacked by the dogs earlier this month after they jumped a fence at 7000 Amesbury Ave. in Port St. John.

Monday, an Animal Services spokesman said that the dogs should not be given a second opportunity to attack again, according to a report.

David Tueche, the dogs' owner, has 10 days to appeal. If Tueche does not appeal, the dogs will be euthanized, Local 6 News reported.

Dennison, a 20-year employee with FPL continues to recover from the attack in Port St. John. Surgeons were able to reattach her scalp, but her ear was never found, according to a report.

The dogs have been quarantined since the attack and Teuche has been fined $2,160, according to the report.

Port St. John is a suburb of Cocoa on Florida's east coast about 10 miles southwest of Cape Canaveral.

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